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Paper presentation at the SPSA

We are happy to announce that our papers "Class and social policy in the knowledge society" and "Who Prioritizes Welfare Entitlements for Immigrants?" have been admitted to the SPSA annual conference in Zurich.

February 15, 10h30, Session 3: Priorities and Preferences towards Fiscal Policies and the Welfare State in the Aftermath of the Great Recession, Room HG D 7.2:
"Class and social policy in the knowledge society", Silja Häusermann, Michael Pinggera, Macarena Ares, and Matthias Enggist

February 15, 14h30, Session 4a: Politics, Media and Class Voting, Room HG D 3.2:
"Who Prioritizes Welfare Entitlements for Immigrants?", Matthias Enggist

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