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Work in Progress

Enggist, Matthias (2020): The Salience of Immigration and its Effects on Welfare Priorities, Paper prepared for the ECPR General Conference, August 24-28.

Garritzmann, Julian L., Silja Häusermann and Michael Pinggera (2020): Public Opinion and Long-Term Investments – Under What Conditions Do Citizens Support Future-oriented Reforms? Manuscript.

Häusermann, Silja, Michael Pinggera, Macarena Ares and Matthias Enggist (2020): The Limits of Solidarity. Changing welfare coalitions in a transforming European party systemPaper prepared for the Annual Conference of the Swiss Political Science Association (SPSA), February 3-4 in Lucerne.

Pinggera, Michael (2020): Place and Policy Preferences – Attitudes towards Distributive Policies in Left behind Regions, Paper prepared for the ECPR General Conference, August 24-28.

Ares, Macarena, Matthias Enggist, Silja, Häusermann and Michael Pinggera (2019): Attitudinal constraint in welfare priorities: Political interest and welfare publics. Paper prepared for the Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association (EPSA), June 20-22 in Belfast.

Enggist, Matthias (2019): Welfare Chauvinism - Who Cares? Evidence on priorities and the importance the public attributes to expanding or retrenching welfare entitlements of immigrantsPaper prepared for the ESPAnet Conference, September 5-7 in Stockholm.

Häusermann, Silja, Thomas Kurer and Delia Zollinger (2019): Economic Opportunities and Electoral Preferences. Paper prepared for the ERC Joint Workshop, December 5-6 in Zurich.

Häusermann, Silja, Macarena Ares, Matthias Enggist and Michael Pinggera (2018): What counts? Survey designs to measure citizens' social policy priorities comparatively. Paper prepared for the Fifth International Meeting on Experimental and Behavioral Social Sciences (IMEBESS), May 3-5 2018 in Florence.