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Corona Survey

The Covid-19 pandemic thwarted our plan to field a proper follow-up public opinion survey in spring 2020. We have postponed this undertaking until (presumably) autumn 2020. However, while being an obstacle to fielding one survey, the Covid crisis and debates on how its implications might affect needs for and demands towards the welfare state, have inspired us to field an unscheduled Corona survey. Among other things, this survey includes questions on personal affectedness by the crisis, questions on how solidarity is perceived to be affected by Corona as well as questions on specific social policy preferences and more general political attitudes.

This Corona survey was fielded between June 4th and June 19th by the survey company Bilendi in Germany, Spain and Sweden. We exclusively targeted respondents who had already participated in our first public opinion survey in 2018, acquiring a total of 2188 re-contacts. We are excited to analyze the data and to explore how the experiences of the crisis and the drastic measures ensuing from it have changed people’s attitudes.